1. b-classique:

    Anastasia Stashkevich dancing the Dawn Variation from Coppelia


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  2. breathe-ballet:

    Another one of my rehearsal pictures :)

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  3. papaija:

    Het Nationale Ballet soloist Victoria Ananyan in class

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  4. primaballerina83:

    Perfection on the barre

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  5. kameliendame:

    Aurélie Dupont and Nicolas Le Riche

    ph. Julien Benhamou

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  6. somaymalou:

    Vaganova Students (photo)

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  7. bunheadforever:




    Masterpost about ANASTASIA LUKINA Vaganova Ballet Academy 8th grade student.

    Photos by Vladimir Frank


    Proof you don’t have to be curveless to be a ballerina.

    She’s probably the ONLY ballet dancer that I have seen extremely bend the UNDER arch of a GM shoe

    Those feet tho

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  8. loverussianballet:

    Kristina Shapran (Кристина Шапран) as Medora in Le Corsaire.

    Full duet w. Andrey Kasyanenko: http://www.jackdevant.com/kristina-shapran-and-andrey-kasyanenko-in-le-corsaire/

    Attribution+Non-commercial Jack Devant

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  9. dance-is-bliss:

    Evgenia Obraztsova during Giselle at the Bolshoi Theatre

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  10. kameliendame:

    Paris Opera Ballet School [source]

    This commercial is corny as fuck and the voice over is super annoying but it has lovely footage nonetheless.. watch with the sounds turned off I guess.

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  11. pointeshoesecrets:


    Amandine Albisson - Estée Lauder modern muse

    So mesmerising.

  12. pointeshoesecrets:


    Svetlana Zakharova, warming up.

    Can u not

  13. kameliendame:

    Willis [source]

    Dancers of the Dutch National Ballet

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  14. ouchpouchsaywhat:

    Lucia Lacarra & Marlon Dino @ rehearsal.

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  15. thedailyballet:

    Renato Penteado and Katia Carranza in Dances at a Gathering.

    Photo © Alexandre Dufaur.

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